Nature’s Trust RI

Our goal

At ever increasing speed, the world is heading toward catastrophic, runaway global warming, but governments are failing in their duty to maintain a livable climate for present and future generations. To do its fair share the State of Rhode Island must assess its current contribution to global warming. The state must also come to terms with the urgency of swift, sharp cuts in greenhouse gas emissions needed to avoid pushing the globe off the climate cliff. Read more

Our campaign

Nature’s Trust RI is based on a game-changing, youth-driven, global climate recovery campaign to secure the legal right to a stable, healthy climate.  Read more

Our mission

Nature’s Trust Rhode Island: Youth advocating for climate recovery action and policy making for a sustainable future.

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  1. International Cryosphere Initiative: “Never has a single generation held the future of so many coming generations, species and ecosystems in its hands.” (2015)
  2. Hansen, Amicus Brief “ Effective action remains possible, but delay in undertaking sharp reductions in emissions will undermine any realistic chance of preserving a habitable climate system.”(2011) Read more